RIVAL CLUBS   February 6, 2012 at 10:44pm

2012 Season RIVAL CLUBS league.

The opportunity to be part of this special series is soon coming to an end. The March 3rd RIVAL CLUBS event at Keizer Rapids is the first event on the 2012 season schedule and will lock in the committee's staff. In other words if you don't get your club registered for the 2012 season by March 3rd, you won't be in the series.

A club Tournament Director (TD) who wishes to get in the RIVAL CLUBS series can contact me or any other RIVAL CLUBS staff to be added to staff of the RIVAL CLUBS. Each staff member is required ONLY to;
1) Contact a RIVAL CLUBS staff to be added to the RIVAL CLUBS club staff via PM or EMAIL. (for privacy)
Note- RIVAL CLUBS is run exclusively on discgolfscene.com so there are no club meetings except for events, it all happens here.
Note- Each RIVAL CLUBS staff member is a TD for their home club and has equal access to use this page, REQUIRED to host an event at their home course, urge RIVAL CLUBS players to attend as many RIVAL CLUBS events as possible to win points for their home club.
2) Host an event at their home course. FORMAT: Singles-Stroke-Play, This event may be already scheduled and RIVAL CLUBS scoring system can piggy-back on the final scores on that events leaderboard. This event does NOT need to be RIVAL CLUBS players exclusive.
3) Show up with your clubs players on March 3rd at Keizer Rapids to kick off the season and lock in the 2012 schedule.
4) Have fun wile meeting new players and playing new courses wile wearing your club pride on your sleeve.:)