Motor City Chain Gang   April 6, 2012 at 3:20am

2012 Monday Night League

League starts this Monday, April 9 and will run through the first week of October.

We made a few changes to the handicap formulas this year. The primary goal was to break up the very large AM2 division a little and move some of those players back to AM3 which had much less participation last year. Those folks that average around 56-58 should consider playing AM3 this year, even if they played or were 'bumped' to AM2 last year.

PRO, Change scratch from 43 to 44. Maximum handicap from -6 to -5.
AM1, Scratch stays 48. Maximum handicap from -6 to -5.
AM2, Change scratch from 53 to 52. Maximum handicap from -6, to -4.
AM3, Change scratch from 58 to 56. Maximum handicap stays at -6.
No change to Master's or Women's formulas.

Thanks to Brent Sickle for his input and to Jeff Hildinger for implementing the updates to the calculations.

Registration is from 5-6. I'll post a membership form on the scene. If you could print and complete the form before you come that will make our lives easier :-)

See you Monday !