MADGE - The Medina Area Disc Golf Experience   December 29, 2011 at 11:31pm

Welcome to the club!

This club name has been around for over a decade now, but not really used. It was thought up by Team Jenkins and Kevin Hitch as a play on EDGE - the Etobicoke Disc Golf Experience in Ontario, Canada. We had thought to create a logo involving Madge from the Palmolive Dishwashing ads, but never realized it graphically. The tag line from the ads seems to fit, though (You're soaking in it!).

I basically brought this online to help facilitate creating some leagues and/or events that I could organize without stepping on other people's toes. In particular, I want to help get moving Medina County's newest course, Memorial Park in Wadsworth, with some events to get people out there and spread awareness of the sport...specifically, a weekly league, course maintenance events, a couple of instructional clinics for newbies, and a Discraft Ace Race.

Some of these events might be transferred into the umbrella of "Wadsworth Disc Golf", but I am still trying to get together with the organizer of said organization, who has done all the hard work to get the course off the ground and maintains a facebook page at .

Keep 'em flyin,

Kevin Hitch