November 24, 2011 at 1:12am

Sign the petition and you can win some sweet plastic!

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You want some discs? I need signatures to get Disc Golf Courses in St. Clair County Michigan.

All ya gotta do is:
1. Sign this petition Only Once! Leave a positive comment if you wish.*US and Canada residents only*

2. Reply to this thread by posting that you have signed the petition. Post your petition # too so I can find you

That's it.
A winner will be picked from random from those who signed the petition so post your petition # on here so I can contact the winners. Drawings will be held each week (weds. at 9pm) until the last drawing on December 21, 2011.

More chances to get FREE DISCS below...
*SE Michigan residents will also be added to a bonus drawing for a ESP BUZZZ by completing a St. Clair County Park Survey. This survey is ONLY for those who live in or near St. Clair County Michigan

*I would like to see more women sign up! We have a drawing just for them too! If you all could get your GF/Wife/female friend to sign up, they'll have a greater chance of winning a LE Pink Cryztal Z Buzzz on December 21, 2011.

First drawing this Wed 11/23 at 9pm. Winner will be PMed so make sure you reply in this thread that you signed up.

This petition is to show support and interest in Disc golf for the St. Clair County Michigan parks. Let's tell them that we want to see disc golf in their parks.


Disc Golf for St. Clair County Michigan

St. Clair Eagles
Join us to help get Disc Golf Courses in St. Clair County.