November 18, 2011 at 10:08am

Proposing Disc Golf to parks in St. Clair County Michigan

Alright folks, we're in the process of proposing the installation of disc golf courses in St. Clair County Michigan. So far we are proposing three courses spread throughout the county. Each park has a river, woods, and open fields, throughout the park's boundaries. Each park would have the ability to contain 18 holes or more of a Disc Golf Course.

Northern section: Bakersfield Park ~ Years ago a proposal by another party fell through but we have the chance to do it right this time. A relocation of Holland Woods (9-Hole course) down the street to Bakersfield Park could be the the best possible option for this area to get a 18-hole course. Bakersfield Park has the space and terrain to contain a large disc golf course.

Central section: Columbus County Park ~ This is the most ideal location for a possible disc golf course. The large park is capable of having a 5 star course with it's outstanding landscape. Everything you could want in terrain is there. The only downside is that the park is newer and is still undergoing construction in some areas.

Southern section: East China Township Park ~ Another great location at a mature park. Just a few years ago a new disc golf course was in the planning process but fell to the wayside without the proper guidance of experienced people. The park infastructures and amenities are already in place. This is the busiest of the three parks and concessions might be needed to accomadate all park users and their safety.

Please sign the epetition to show your support for disc golf in our area. We only have the 9-hole course in Port Huron and need to act fast to add these courses to the P & R Master Plans that are due for renewal very soon. Post your signature # in the talk section of the club for a chance to win some discs.

Thanks again for helping the cause to get Disc Golf Courses for St.Clair County.