summit dga   August 18, 2011 at 4:18am


I had posted on the Tuesday evening scramble talk forum last week that we will be holding a club meeting Sunday Aug. 21st at Hudson Springs DGC at 2pm

Aug. 22nd is the one year anniversary of our club. In the past year we have made a world of progress at the Hudson Springs DGC and a positive influence in the community as a whole. We made some slight alterations on the front nine to increase flow and prepped the front nine tee areas for concrete. We cut five great new holes into the woods on the back nine with over 200 man hours of volunteer work, that greatly increased the variety on the course. We helped coordinate a five course winter charity point series which raised $2020.75 for the Akron Canton Regional Food Bank and developed one of the largest attended weekly scrambles in the area. Not to mention the growth of the earning capability of the club finances.
This can be the tip of the iceberg in the growth of the club.

We are looking for more people to take a leadership role in the club, there is an apparent need to diversify the decision making processes throughout the willing club membership. From now on there will be a monthly meeting in which all grievances and suggestions will be addressed and official decisions will be made. There will no longer be any official decisions made through public forums. Just as with other public service organizations, those who do not attend meetings to propose their ideas or voice their opinions and provide solutions will have the decisions made for them.

This will insure that all persons will have the opportunity to actively participate in the planning and execution of club activities and course improvement.
This will be the first meeting of a new organization, we are no longer a start up. We are moving full steam and need your help to make better things happen in shorter periods of time.

The following is a rough list of what needs to be covered in the meeting:

Establish a board of directors -- This does not mean that every weekend you will have to be doing something for the club, these are the doers." The Red’s of Shawshank."

Finalize our club charter --
Do an update on our finances -- upcoming expenses. i.e. insurance policy
Discuss fund raising opportunities -- i.e. Bag tags, 50/50 tourneys,
Discuss club membership -- perks of membership, different tiers, etc.
Discuss tournament dates --
Discuss course improvements -- Tee pads, Baskets, -- prioritization of funds
Open platform for ideas and suggestions

If you plan on bringing up an idea or suggestion to group, please be prepared. Do your research and put it all together on paper. Bring the financial aspect of the proposal, how much will it cost? what does the club gain? the more info. the better