Motor City Chain Gang   June 20, 2011 at 4:57am

2012 Event Staff Meeting


We will be in need of new staff members next year to run tournaments and league. I (Dan) personally need to dramatically reduce my role in running tournaments.

We will not be planning for tournaments next year that do not have tournament directors who can commit to running the event.

Positions Open:
A State Coordinator to represent the club at 3-4 MDGO meetings over the winter. (Usually in Milford).
PDGA Event Tournament Director(s). Required to pass PDGA officials exam and must have access to a computer with Excel.
Non-Playing PDGA officials (May be the tournament director but does not have to be).
Un-sanctioned event Tournament Directors.

Tournament Support Staff Needed
Someone to keep and bring water jugs and signs to large events.
Someone to create flyers for tournaments.
Someone to create artwork for tournaments.
Registration staff for tournaments.

League Staff
Monday Night League registration.
League scorecard checkers/readers.

Staff Meeting June 29. 6:30-8:30. Buffalo Wild Wings in Troy. We may be able to scrounge up some gift certificates to purchase some food to share amongst those who come out.
Anyone interested in chipping in or that wants find out more info should feel free to come.
If you can't make it 6/29 but interested in helping out next year, let me know.