Middle Georgia Disc Golf League   April 11, 2011 at 12:21pm

The Monty Undergoes change...

Recently we received help--a timber crew cut 3 new holes for the Monty. Unfortunately, they were also there to decimate Deer Ridge Woods because the county is in desperate need of funds. Wes, the park director, persuaded others that the course must stay and not be cut, and so far, the timber crew has honored this as best they can.

The results of this: One teepad (#11) was destroyed, but that's pretty easy to fix with a couple of logs and some painted rocks. The woods to the left of #13 (last hole in the "woods") is now an open area, with only a narrow band of trees separating the fairway from a sort of wasteland. The green for that hole is much more open. Basically, when before there was a major chunk of woods unused around any part of the course, now the trees in that area are mostly gone. They're a little ugly right now, those open areas, but they don't really change the course---at least as of the last time I was out there, though they weren't finished yet. I think maybe the vibe has changed a bit, but it's hard to tell. There's a lot more light on many of the holes in the former woods, and in many places you can see a lot further---I imagine that in future tournaments you'll see other groups on teepads more easily. I was out there and surprised by the wanton tree slaughter (with no disrespect to the needs of the county government) that it put me in a bad mood about it. But what I can say happily is the fact that the Monty Disc Golf Course is what saved a whole lotta trees, and for this credit goes to a bunch of folks. Namely, those that did the work and those that have repeatedly attended tournaments. Also, a recent surge in traffic is a big plus.

Nothing has changed with plans to "finish" the course except that they have been drastically sped up, since three of the longest fairways on the course suddenly exist and need attention. Currently I am focused on cleaning up new #6 and new #7, then dropping a pin on each. As a result, the holes that we play in the open will change, and it is likely that current #13 will be two holes again, but with some changes to the first of the two (The Woodpile Hole) to make it more formidable and to get the basket away from the teepad for the next hole (just across the OB logline).

After 6 and 7 are finished, then focus will be shifted to the holes behind current 10 green and coming back behind current teepad 11 (which actually doesn't currently exist, so I guess I need to get that done, too.) Once these two are cleaned up and pin-ified, then all baskets will be moved to the "woods" for a spell. In the mean time, I'd like to raise money for buying baskets for the open holes--at least some of them.

Wade Selph had a neat idea--to do away with current 14 and 16, and use the 14 placement for the 18th hole. Renumber the holes so that current 17--tee from the parking lot--is number one, then current 18 is number two, playing over 1000 feet to the current 14 green. Then you cut through the woods and play what is currently 13 short as number three, then current number 1 becomes number four. That way, the last hole ends up being the Trailer Hole, complete with signature mural. Not sure that we'll do this all that soon, but I'd like to hear from those that know the course how they feel about this possible layout.

I went back out yesterday, and they had indeed cut more. They are making a concerted effort not to change the holes themselves, but in several places already they have cut across a hole, in the process bringing down some trees. Also, the "Trailway to Seven" has been destroyed, and it looks completely different. It is pretty easy to get lost on the way to seven. No problem, though, 'cause I would really like to do some redesign there to eliminate the long walk.

Got a bit of cleanup to do. Don't come to the course right now; it's not so pretty and a little confusing.