Club Kensington Resurrection   March 21, 2011 at 6:53am

2010/2011 Summer/Winter Seasons

What a great year for discgolf. Here are some stats for both the Summer and Winter seasons.
Summer: 24 weeks
255 players
1184 rounds/players
Largest attendance: 76
Average attendance: 49.3
Aces: 9
Ace pool total payout: $1676
Largest ace: $389

Winter: 22 weeks
226 players
1122 rounds/players
Largest attendance: 72
Average attendance: 51
Aces: 9
Ace pool total payout: $2677
Largest ace: $672

Year Total: 46 weeks
Players: 481
2306 total rounds/players
Aces: 18
Ace pool payout: $4353

Thanks for everyone for comming out and your support for making us one of the most successful clubs in the state.
Thanks to the staff: Dave Dirmeyer, Grant Ward, Andrew Kaluk, Andrew Przytulski. Thank these guys for all their hard work. Hope to see you all for the Summer 2011 Season starting April 3rd.