DISC GOLF OR DIE   March 17, 2011 at 9:33am

DGOD! Night Riders every Friday @ lunchtime

From Dusty:
"Dusk Golfers, it looks like the time change put us back an hour but dusk is around 7:30-8;00 so thats when we'll start. We've been doin fun layouts and mandos since no one else is out there so join the fun!!"

Alright! lets get this night thang pumped up as the weather gets better!! new time, lots of fun mandos marked with lights and some sweet safari holes! if you know Dusty, you know he's the king of night golf (and is also becoming a great TD!). i think he plays more at night than during the day?
LED light+battery sets always available for $1. 100% payout and ctp's... extra special this week to start off an epic weekend of: night golf, lunchtime clean up,and STSG BYOP @ Hornings M F'n Hidout! yes!