Tampa Disc Slingers   February 11, 2011 at 5:25am

December Rankings

The only thing left is the Championship. Here is the final breakdown of the field:

#1 Vinny Piperato (77 pts) – The favorite to win it all after securing 9 trophies in 12 events during the season, to inlcude 7 wins. He will be playing against some good competition during the Championship. In a recent turn of events, Vinny has changed the course to a place where he has never lost an event; a place that certain dread playing at... LIMONA!

#2 Dan Harvey (46 pts)- The most improved member of the club that has the potential to become something great. After a brief absence earlier in the season, Dan came back roaring by placing in 7 out of 12 events, including 1 win. He has also beefed up his disc bag with 3 additional distance drivers, giving him the award for the club's best arsenal. He is a slight underdog in the championship, but don't let those numbers fool you. Dan will looking to add to the streak of great games with a championship crown.

#3 Will Parson (44 pts) – A member that has won against solid competition before and could do it again if he pulls through in the clutch. He has placed in 5 of 12 events, including 2 wins. Will faces an uphill battle after suffering key losses to some of his discs, forcing him to face the club's best with a depleted arsenal. One thing that he has on his side is that his game has been able to produce solid numbers with practically nothing to work with, making him a threat no matter what. He is an underdog by a few strokes, but then again he was an underdog at the tournaments where he won gold.

#4 Joe Mangrum (44 pts)- Another member that is no stranger to taking down his competition in club events. He has placed in 5 of 12 events, including 2 wins. Joe will be an underdog by a couple of strokes. With his last few games being all over the scorecard, no one can be certain as to which Joe we will see during the Championship. Everyone knows that he can win if the same Joe that won 2 tournaments in the regular season decides to show up during the greatest event of the season. Which Joe will show?

Eliminated from the Championship:
#5 Brandon Smith (31 pts)
#6 Chris Sikes (29 pts)
#7 Chris Meyer (22 pts)
#8 Victor Millar (8 pts)
#9 Scott Artal (4 pts)
#9 Keith Sikes (4 pts)
#11 Matt Massuto (1 pt)