DISC GOLF OR DIE   February 4, 2011 at 9:10pm

Team Disc Golf warm up @ Adair wed. Feb. 9th

Discvango to Adair DGC, we will be leaving the downtown Portland area/Lunchtime DGC at 9am., Gresham 8am. This should allow for enough practice for those who haven't played Adair, and are playing Team golf there this weekend. This trip is open to all, but may fill fast w/ TDG players. Discvango will be offering a prize for an " Adair Virgins" challenge, yup, all first timers will play for 1st, seems everyone I've talked to has not played there. Can't wait !!
Would be nice to have a few players that know the course too. Any locals? Natives?
Cost-$22.00 (TDG players call for team rate!!)
2 hours on the road
Buffet on the way back????
Call 503-329-5954 for your seat on our first run to Adair.
See ya on the course, DC Dan