Flint Town Flyerz   April 5, 2011 at 9:40pm

2011 League Rules

2011 Flint Town Flyerz
Random Draw Doubles Rules
Holly Woods & Goldenrod

The Flint Town Flyerz Disc Golf Club offers its random draw doubles leagues to all members of the public free of charge. The Flint Town Flyerz goal is to organize and promote disc golf and disc sports within our local area through public educational opportunities and demonstrate the positive impact that organized disc golf activities can have on public disc golf facilities.

Format: Random draw, best shot doubles.

Starting Time Schedule: See the attached sheet for the starting time for all leagues. Players must be physically present to register and must do so 5 minutes before the stated tee times. There will be no additional registrations accepted after this time & there will be no exceptions to this policy.

Side Bet: Players may place a $5 side bet on their teams finish on the night. The side bet is not refundable for any reason including inclement weather. The side bet must be made prior to drawing a chip and will not be allowed at a later time. See attached pay sheet for payouts.

Play Offs: Play offs for cashing of the side bets are at the discretion of the involved players. It is the policy of the Flint Town Flyerz that tying teams evenly split any awarded cash. If they players wish to split the cash in any other fashion they are free to do so, but it is not the responsibility of the Flint Town Flyerz to facilitate this or take any role in it.

Ace Pool: All players are welcome to enter the Ace Pool for $1. Entering in the Ace Pool is good only for that night of play. In instances of multiple aces on a night, all aces will split evenly. Aces are only good for 18 holes of play. The Ace Pool is paid out 100% for aces except in occasion of a second throw Cali ace. If an ace is hit by a Cali player on their second throw they shall receive 50% of the Ace Pool or in instances of multiple aces on a night 50% of what would have been the Ace Pool even split. The 50% excess from a second throw Cali ace shall carry over into next weeks Ace Pool.

Pairings: Upon registering the player will randomly choose chip, which will be numbered 1-80. This will be the player’s assigned number for the night. Players will then be placed on the registration list in numerical order and players will be paired with the player immediately below them on the registration list.

Cali: After registration has closed and if there are not an even number of players on the night there shall be a Cali player. All players wishing to play Cali shall go through an additional random drawing. The player selected to play Cali shall have their name removed from the registration list changing all of the pairings below them. Cali players shall get 1 extra throw per hole of their choosing. There will be no banking of extra shots. There is no additional side bet required to play Cali.

Out of Bounds: Holly Woods-Pond on Hole #9. Goldenrod-All typical permanent bodies of water which includes ponds, creeks, lakes, & swamps. Any disc over & across the gravel access road on Holes #4 & #6 and the parking lot on #9. The parking lot shall be defined by the edge of gravel. Any discs surrounded by any gravel is out of bounds which shall include the turn around on the entry road.

Tee Pads: All tee shots must be thrown from the tee pads. The League Manager at Goldenrod may, upon their discretion, allow for tee shots to be taken from the side or behind the tee pads. This must be announced by the League Manager prior to the start of the round to be in effect. If at some time short tee pads have been installed at Holly Woods, women may use them for their tee shots.

Dangerous Weather: A round may be suspended during play at the discretion of the League Manager due to dangerous weather. An air horn shall be sounded indicating that league play has been suspended and that shelter should be sought. If the weather condition does not clear in 15 minutes or if a second suspension in play occurs in the same night the league round is cancelled for the night. All side bets shall remain in the pool and carry over into next weeks payouts. This does not mean that players are paid in advance for next week, but that the payouts for next week shall have extra monies in them.

Sportsmanship: The purpose of the Flint Town Flyerz Disc Golf Leagues is to promote the sport of disc golf in a structured format for the enjoyment of all participating players. Good sportsmanship by all participating players is an important part of the success of these events. As such, poor sportsmanship shall not be tolerated. Examples of poor sportsmanship are such things as: producing any distracting noises or visual distractions for other players that are throwing, shouting, cursing, damaging course equipment, or throwing or kicking disc golf bags. If in the opinion of the League Manager and affirmed by the President of the Flint Town Flyerz Disc Golf Club that a is player is exhibiting poor sportsmanship said player will be no longer be allowed to place a side bet at the weekly random draw doubles events. Furthermore, if the behavior is extreme or continues at a later date, membership of the Flint Town Flyerz may be revoked per its club constitution and banishment from all club activities, including tournaments, may be enacted.