North Woods Disc Chuckers   March 6, 2011 at 7:35am

2011 League Info

There will now be league action twice a week!

Thursdays @ 5:30 ... Random Doubles
Will be held every Thursday at 5:30pm, beginning April 7th, and ending September 29th (26 weeks). This will be a traveling league, playing primarily at Kingsley, Myles Kimmerly, and Hickory Hills. A couple of other random courses will be thrown in just for fun. Exact rotation of courses can be found on the league page.

Mondays @ 5:30 ... Handicap Singles
Will be held every Monday at 5:30pm, beginning April 11th, and ending October 3rd (26 weeks). This league will be played at one course, Hickory Hills. Player’s handicap will be determined by averaging their 3 previous singles scores. If only 2 scores are available, only 2 scores will be used. League start date subject to all 24 baskets being in at Hickory.

Cost for both leagues: $5 entry fee ($1 fee for non-members), $2 ace pool, $2 deuce pool.
100% of entry fees paid out. $1 non-member fees are put towards end of the year prizes.
Ace pool capped at $300, with the balance carried over to the next week.
If a cali hits an ace on his 2nd shot, they still win the ace pool.
Deuce pool capped at $300, with the balance carried over to the next week.
If only one partner bets the ace pool, that players receives his 50% of the pool, the other 50% goes back in.