DISC GOLF OR DIE   September 10, 2010 at 5:10pm

Tomorrow! F.O.R.E Youth tournament @ lunchtime 8am

come check it out!

from TD:“Less than 24 hours to go! Added pics of our lovely discs, uploaded some other artwork inspired by our youth and perfected by Acerbinky Solutions. Please, post about us on your profile to spread the word. We have over $500 in prizes to give away... and, we're a great cause. ”

also, dont forget to register for TBHFSDGTFP! its filling up fast... well, fast like a race car. but not as fast as a rocket ship.

TBHFSDGTFP! a prize revealed...
stay tuned for other prize photos... they're gonna be SWEET!

The Bob Horning for Senate disc golf tournament fundraiser party!
Hornings Hideout
Sept. 25th


register at http://discgolfordie.net

player packs, prizes, payouts, and more! show your support for our own Bob Horning, and have a great time doing it!

the course lay out will be 18 on the canyon + quick 9 on the
highlands(1-5/15-18) for one 27 hole round.
also, we're looking to keep it fun and simple with as few divisons as possible. like: good(novice/rec), real good(intermediate/adv), and old(master). maybe a women's... if any register?

more info coming soon