AceHoles INC   September 1, 2010 at 7:35am

Name Change!!


AceHoles INC is changing it's name!!! It's really to bad because that is a great name and funny but, with all the sponors and media and famlies that are joinning us the name just dosen't fit. so with that said the new name(drum roll please!!!!!!!!!!!)...................B.O.S.S.!!!! and that is set! sorry only members will know what it stands for (it's not bad, remember the famlies thing above)? I'm sure after a year or so it might leak out. but for now it's only for members.

B.O.S.S so all AceHoles INC members and staff will need to add B.O.S.S to there favs. And for new readers.......B.O.S.S is a club that is always looking for members, staff and sponors. we are a club that loves to play disc golf and help out our community. Right now we have in the works Logo's, shirts, hats and bag tags. If you have question, helpful ideas or would just like to play a round. please send us an email (on this one or the new B.O.S.S club)

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon

Kevin G