Lewisville Disc Golf Club   August 20, 2010 at 5:45am

Club Birthing - " It's Alive!!"

Tyler, myself and others have been discussing this club for a while, what we'd like to see, how to make this respectable and attractive to others. I'm glad we're actually making moves and taking our baby steps. It stays alive because of ppl like you reading this. It fails when ppl lose their motivation to make this club successful. We'll do our best to keep it afloat and stay active. Anyhoo, we posted partial scores from this week's minis to give members an idea of what to expect. Our club goal over the next few months is to increase our membership through local minis and this site. Please tell your fellow discgolfers, spread the word. We will be collecting names, pdga #'s and emails in this effort throughout each mini. Each TD will be responsible for collecting this information, adding player names to our leagues, and posting scores on this site. More members of course means bigger payouts, duh,,,, so let's roll. Our future goal is to make this club more official in 2011, requiring an annual paid membership, which will give us the opportunity to have Bag Tags, Tournaments, League Trophies, and do a little fundraising for improving the 2 courses which we play. Thanks to "Shanko", we've finally arrived, and look forward to being the premier club in the DFW area. Happy Hucking!!!