PDGC Parma Disc golf club   July 17, 2010 at 1:46am

Back nine info!

I got a call from my contact with the city,
Next week I will be walking the back nine with the Parks Director Micky V and the service dept head Steve to see what needs to be done by the city to finish the install. So >>>>>
Saturday all day I will be cleaning garbage and clearing what I can on the back nine and re hashing the layout. 11 is going to be a short ace run instead of the dogleg, 17 will be 100 feet longer, and I want to relocate 18s tee. The more folks we can get out the better. Bring any clippers or weed whips machettes what ever ya got and lend a hand. Sunday I will setup temp course and we will do 27 hole scramble 3 times around to try and beat down a lil more before the city visit. My goal is to make any vandalism thats occuring, be less noticable. THIS WILL CONVINCE THE CITY THE BASKETS WONT GET DAMAGED. With that said we had spray paint on 2s tee that needs removed as well.

Please pass this along I will have water, and will be collecting for pizza and beer at my house afterwards.

hope to see a bunch of folks there.