Tully Disc Golf Club   June 6, 2010 at 10:56pm

Phantom Cutters

Today I found that there has been some illegal cutting here at Tully Lake. I got a report this afternoon that there was a tree down at hole 15's basket. I went down to document it, noticed tire tracks in the lawn leading down the first hole and into 15's fairway, and realized that the tree had been cut with a chainsaw. It was the pine that was directly in front of the basket, one of the major course features on that hole. I am very dissapointed and upset that this has happened. This was an illegal activity, there is to be NO cutting of any type on Army Corps of Engineers land without approval. Besides that, there is no altering of the course in any way unless approved by me or my boss. Please help me to keep the course on the straight and narrow, if this continues then there will be major repercussions. If you have any info on this incident please contact me. Thank you everyone that is responsible while having fun out there.


Bill Mehr
Tully Disc Golf Club President