Flight Club   June 6, 2010 at 10:27pm

Weekend Warriors Week 5

Today was a little rainy and once again we had a thin crowed. I have posted the wetaher conditions for the area on our website as well as a link to a current doppler radar image with a map of the park so everyone will know if we are still playing or not. Also if you register on the website you will receive newsletters and current updates on our plans for playing.
that being said, today was quite fun anyways. The origonal format was supposed to be wieghted team doubles but we had 5 people show up. We decided to play Match Play Wolf for skins points. It was very fun and a nice format to keep the game interesting. Matt Maddox won the ctp on hole 16 with an excellent park nearly touching the pole. He won a $25 Agave' gift card. Here are our scores:
1st Matt Maddox - 66 strokes 14 Skins - Matt won the Safari Playoff on the second hole.
2nd Tyson Richard - 62 strokes 14 Skins
3rd Kevin "Gilligan" Richard - 60 strokes 12 Skins
4th David Fifita - 60 strokes 4 Skins
Our 5th player was Chris Comeaux, he had to leave after 11 holes and was unable to finish.
Congrats to Matt on his 1st place win and CTP. Thanks for coming Chris, we hope to see you next time. Thanks to everyone who toughed it through the rain. We have our last regular match next Saturday at 2:00 June 12th. We will skip 1 week (June 19) and have our Finals Match on June 26 Saturday at 2:00.