Tully Disc Golf Club   March 31, 2010 at 3:45pm

First Annual Monthly Tournament

We will be starting our first monthly tournament this saturday at Tully Lake. I hope that the water will be down enough so we can play a full round, we will have to deal with what we find. So, the format is tentatively going to be a PRO, AM, REC, and possibly a womens division. I believe the buy-in will be $10, all cash payouts determined by how many players in each division, with possibly some CTP's if there are some donations. We plan on having food available at later tournaments but for this first one its going to be bring your own lunch. I would like to do 2 rounds of singles, starting at 11:00. I will announce this again at tonights league, if anyone has any questions or suggestions/donations please feel free to contact me. Thanks you guys, hope to see you out there.

Bill Mehr