Pinconning Disc Golf Club   March 30, 2010 at 4:46pm

Everyone Feels Like Disc Golf

here is a message I received yesterday
"hey craig it is jacob i was just wondering when leagues start cause im ready for this season"
my sentiment exactly, Jacob !

I am thinking that April Showers may bring undesirable situations for Monday evening play, so the plans are to start our regular Monday night league sometime near May 3rd. If good weather persist, I will announce an earlier starting time. Until then, it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED that anyone playing Blizzard Hills will take time to pickup a few sticks from the fairways and if anyone is in favor of any additional work, there's plenty to do. Winter plowing left mounds by tee's 1 & 10, they must go. Most all tee pads need raking and leveling, there are still logs in fairways that could be carried and stacked and there is also more grooming that could be done on holes 12 and 14 (PLEASE, don't take any cutting or grooming upon yourself before arranging your ideas and thoughts with Jim, Craig and most importantly, Ward. REMEMBER, the Blizzard Hills DGC is on Private Property and between Ward and the PDGC, we will patrol the area in detail this year. ANYONE observed destroying ANY of the natural habitat will banned from admittance and prosecuted when possible. Destruction and littering has become a HUGE issue at the Midland and Freeland courses and as traffic increases, I expect some of that problem for us. PLEASE, if you are a regular player, it goes without saying that you won't be breaking trees - etc, but what you MUST do is to be an Ambassador for the course and disc golf in general. Please take time to welcome and chat with anyone that looks new to the course. Be specific and firm in making our wishes and desire known to maintain the course on Ward's private property. Not that it's a possibility or has been talked about but we must remember that Ward could just as easily take our privileges away as quick as he was to KINDLY DONATE this GREAT space. It would help TREMENDOUSLY if everyone that showed up to play would drop by the bar to quench a thirst or at a minimum, donate a dollar or two towards gracious contribution to the World of Disc Golf. Disc golf is growing at a faster rate than every before, currently surpassing ANY other organized sport. If we can maintain and improve this great course throughout the 2010 season, we'll have a PDGA approved course, a course that will be ready for Sanctioned tournaments and maybe even a National Event in the near future. What's it going to take ? MORE HARD WORK and more money. Anyone that has any ideas or contributions for tee pads, LET'S KICK IT IN GEAR. I want to see tee 1 & 10 done in concrete before league starts, what do you think ?