Portland Oregon Metro Area Players   February 26, 2010 at 2:01pm

baskets & tags are now in the making!!!

ok peeps im almost done w/ making the bag tags!!! all that is left is to make gold numbering for tags #1-#5 silver numbering for tags #6-#10 and bronze numbering for tags #11-#15... im using the the same back profile of last years tags but have completely changed the front design of the tags.

as far as the basket proses i have welded the main single cross members for two baskets now... Bob Horning donated the top rings that he scraped from the original canyon baskets (18 total rings) my friend derick donated two 20 ft sections of 1 inch angle iron and a few pieces of scrap...

there is talk of fence posting to be donated aswell... so a HUGE THANKS to all that have helped and are still willing to help in donating materials etc... im still in need of 55 gal barrels or whiskey barrel liners for the basket cages... also needed is chain but a friend says he can get me a good deal on that... but any free donated material would be great. stay tuned for further progress on both topics ;)