Tully Disc Golf Club   January 13, 2010 at 9:34am

Volunteer Hours and Teepads

Howdy everyone. So we are starting a new year here and I wanted to keep everyone updated on current happenings. I have put in a request for a permit that will allow us to do a monthly tournament at Tully, possibly first or last sunday of the month type thing. I recieved a reply from Jeff at Tully saying that it was totally fine to have a running permit for the summer and that it was also possible to work off the permit fee that would be required for each tournament. Therefore, everyone needs to get and fill out a volunteer agreement form that I have and return it to me. From there anyone that does any sort of volunteer work up at Tully needs to keep track of their time invested and report it to me. Everything from picking up trash or tree limbs or shovelling teepads can be logged, even 15 minutes will help because we only need a total of 3 volunteer hours to waive the fee for each month. Good times with the free tournaments. On a side note I agree with Sean about the metal footgear that is scratching the teepads, please refrain from using the pads if you are wearing those items, but also I probably put a couple of those scratches on there myself when I was chipping the ice off them yesterday, tried to be gentle.... but that ice is certainly tenacious. Good luck in the snow all you die hards out there... Spotters Recommended :)