TEAM JUST DISC GOLF   January 19, 2010 at 1:33am

Just Disc Golf Indoor Putting League winner of the week

John Stutz tears it up again winning 3 of the 5 rounds and with Tommy Randau and myself (Jay) tying for 2nd. John since he won got to decide our fate and chose the shots we had to make. It was a 60+ foot putt with the basket elevated almost to the ceiling. 3 putters 3 shot to make it in Tommy starts of first and bangs one right off the rip the rest fall SHORT...Now the pressure is on me I run at it and fall out of the basket 2nd one goes in and 3rd hit the front of the basket i think cool we can pick another one since we are still tied as we walk up since the game we played that night was Just Disc Golf horse shoes 4 baskets 40' apart 3 putters 3 shots up down you see each baskets play to 21 in the basket 3 points land on metal 2 points 1 point if you land close enough to flip your disc and touch metal...Well that's how Tom beat me for the tie breaker when we got to the basket Mr. Milkshake had a flipper. Good Job house rules.

In the B group we finally had enough people to run that group
Josh a new player to disc golf won. I think he will be hooked
January my fiance' took second
Adam Moser 3rd
Kirk Lucas 4th

Next week will still be horseshoes then we change to a new format