Portland Oregon Metro Area Players   December 8, 2009 at 2:19am

Soggy Saturdays @ orchard park questions

Some concerns have brought to my attention about the last few soggy saturdays that have been held or not held...

2 saturdays ago the tourny was canceled due to the sponser not showing up... does anyone have info on that situation as to weather that was confirmed or not?

second question is that last saturday the 5th jeff and the sponser did not show again but the tourny was held... i witnessed people getting paid out for placements does anyone know who ran it last saturday?

3rd question rummor has it that there was ance during tourny play and the person did not get the ace pot? can anyone confirm this? if so does anyone know the name of the person who got the ace?

4th jeffs mom n dad are gonna do there best to reimburse this individual as they have been told by jeff that some guy named nick stole the ace pot money can that be confirmed? if so how much was the ace pot up to?

5th question is that the last final tourney is to be held this saturday? if so will the sponser be there? or is it done?

any info on these topics are greatly appreciated please contact me via pm on my profile... http://www.discgolfscene.com/profile/1343

lets get this thing done and fixed for the people that partaked in the tourny thanx for your time