Throw Shop Gang   September 10, 2009 at 2:28pm

Win a $50 Throw Shop Gift Certificate!

Each beginner-friendly disc that you donate at The Throw Shop by the time we close on Saturday, September 19, will act as your raffle ticket for a $50 gift certificate good on everything in the store.

All donated discs will either be given to beginners at a conference* that Terry is going to on the 20th - at which he has persuaded the organizers to feature disc golf as an activity - or, if not all given away there, will be sold by the Throw Shop with all proceeds going to buy baskets for the second course at Lakeshore.

You know you've got used discs lying around that you'll never throw: Do something useful with them.

*The folks attending the conference have influence over things built on college campuses all over the US.