Birdies for Boobies   June 30, 2009 at 5:25am

Tournament Finals!

The fourth annual Birdies for Boobies has come to an end. This was an absolutely wonderful year for this fundraiser. We had 52 participants in attendance, which shows that we have grown each year and will continue to grow. The contestants each received an event tee shirt donated by our sponsors and lunch. First place winners received a cash prize along with a commemorative wooden BFB mini disc. There were so many amateur teams that we placed out 2nd and 3rd with donated discs. Due to the generous donations we received, our raffle that was held after the tourney brought in about half of the net proceeds. We ended the day with a portable disc golf basket throw off. There was no ACE this year for the throw off but the competitive nature of all participants was at full tilt! Well, through all of the lost discs, bogies, birdies and par, we were able to raise $1,773.95 for the Michigan Breast Cancer 3-Day.

The scores were as follows:
1 2nd Base Matt Roush Heidi Kuehnl 63
2 Motor Boat Brian Shevela Mike Rossell 64
3 Boss Possee Dustin Hart Chad Eurich 65
4 Sassafras ****es Chris Drake Ryan Drake 66
5 Rhynobomb Adam Million Nick Spicer 67
6 Ragging Mullets Pat Costyle Tim Pillsbury 69
7 Milkbags Dawn Delavan Bill Sicora 70
8 Team B Kris Bensette Brian Wills 70
9 G-Mafia Jeremy Hortow James Stewart 70
10 On the Fly Aaron Brown AJ Galin 70
11 Juggs Rob Severin Ted Stoebling 71
12 TOOL Jason Sweeney Tim Bennis 71
13 Tin Men Jon Holland Jason McVety 73
14 Moonwalking in Hell Lance Bayliss Shaun Adkins 73
15 Mumbles McGee Gabe Neeb Tim Fletcher 74
16 Dos Duderinos Tim Crain Mike Baughey 75
17 Wagner Brad Fuelling Mark Lash 75
18 Fun Bags Mike Lauhoff Brett Uphaus 78
19 Crucially Crucial Nick Fucinari Casey McDonnell 78
20 Chesticles John Zane Nikki Beaubian 78
21 Simple Solutions Patrick Fulkerson Peter Christonson 81

1 Annihilation Josh Schulte Ryan Herzog 59
2 ALA Rackball Rooster Ziglet 60
3 Cass Benton DGC Dave Milewski John McAskin 64

1 Yah…Füch Michelle Million Michelle Spicer 77
2 The South Paws Liz Moulis Sara Potts 97

CTP Hole 10 John McAskin
CTP Hole 13 (women’s only) Nikki Beaubian
CTP Hole 22 Pat Costyk

Portable Disc Golf Basket Winner Adam Million

Thanks to everyone who participated!!!
See you next year!