Pinconning Disc Golf Club   August 4, 2009 at 7:56pm

30 year player hits first ever ACE ON HOLE NUMBER 3

Another ace at Blizzard Hills. Ron hits #3 for his first ever ace in a basket with chains and with an audience. For those of you that don't know Ron P. from Tawas, Ron is the designer and course care taker (CC) at the AuGres Michigan course. It is a fine target course on the old airprt property within the village of AuGres. Ron has had aces on his target course but never had a witness. The ace last night was without fail, the most perfect shot that I have witnessed at Blizzard Hills. Way to go Ron P., I'm glad I was a witness to the ace that used the route I would like to see declared as a permanent Mando.
In fact, it was such a pretty ace it deserve another mention - Ron P. (sorry I don't have the spelling for your last name) tossed the most beautiful shot perfectly down the fairway of the #3 hole at Blizzard Hills. The shot took the route that designer Terry Calhoun intended for the hole, left of the tree 15' off the tee pad, the tree that I was wishing to make as a mando.Way To Go Ron on ace # 2 on hole #3 since the course opened. Ron and Ben Murphy share the honor of both acing that hole to take the ace back to start.