Wednesday Buff Doubles   March 19, 2009 at 11:23pm

Wends 3/19/09

We had 21 people show up for random draw dubz
1st Daniel Marcus+Tim-47-$55
2nd+3rd with a 2 way tie Dave Boliver+Keith Burtt and Justin White+Don Boutin-49-$45 Split
4th 3 way tie Jeff Chauvin+Dave B, Donny Tellier+ Luke,Chris Shrum+Shane Talyor-50-$10 Spilt into ace/course fund

Hole 3- Two Beasts- Joe Yaskis+Wendy Boutin
Hole 10- Two Vibram Open Dvds- Keith Burtt+ Dave Boliver
Hole 12- Two Prime Discs T-shirts- Mike Murphy+Matt Heenan
Hole 18- Cash Money ($21)- Donny Tellier+Luke

I just want to say thanks to all who can out to play! And of course Prime Discs so Check Them Out!