Black & White   October 11, 2011 at 6:33am

River Bends Finale

Season 1 concluded with a showdown at River Bends. With 4 people trying to place it was a great day for competition:

Doubles Round:
-Both teams (Randy/Kyle and Tim/Justin) shot under par
-Randy/Kyle shot a -3 to take 19 skins and 5 won holes
-Tim/Justin shot a -2 to take the remaining 5 skins and won 4 holes
-Kyle had the CTP on 24 edging his partner out by less than 5 ft

Singles Round:
-Good round led by Justin shooting a +2
-Kyle took CTP on 11 with a far but errant throw to the left of the basket
-Justin led in skins with 13, followed by Tim who got most of his 7 with a nice deuce on 24
-Kyle, Justin, and Tim are carded a birdie with great forehand drives on 7

Season Winners:
Singles: Kyle, Kris, and Justin
Doubles: Kyle, Randy, and Kris

Good discing and come out for Nov 19th at Begg Park where Season 2 begins!