Discin' In The Dark 2012   November 26, 2012 at 11:00am

Discin' In The Dark Finale

Well the time has come to wrap up the first league I have ever run on my own. I want to thank everyone who attended and especially those loyal attendees this fall, I really appreciate it, because if turnout was low week after week I would have wondered what I was doing wrong. I expect low turnout from time to time because of location, weather, etc, but I sure hope that none of my rules, payout, or any other factor has kept anyone from coming back to my league. I want as many people to come as possible and hope everyone gets as much enjoyment playing in my league as I do running it.

As for this upcoming week on the 27th . . . there are some heated divisional races, so if you want a chance at a trophy or some more funny money, be sure to come out this week again, the points should be more plentiful this week than any other week, at least compared to the other 5 courses. I look forward to hitting or surpassing the 34 maximum attendance, and that is why I decided to hold off opening the new basket placements until the day of the league, in hopes people will be excited to see 7 new basket positions. Tell everyone you know to come out this week and play Discin' In The Dark . . . and be sure to let them know how much fun we have every week, regardless of our play!

Overall, I feel this league has run fairly smoothly. I never had any issues with people in the league, you all generally showed up with plenty of time to get the round started ON TIME, you were all very pleasant to deal with, and I think i did my part in being fair, on time, and organized. PLEASE IF YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS ABOUT HOW THE LEAGUE WENT PLEASE LET ME KNOW, I WILL ONLY GET BETTER AS I DO MORE LEAGUES BUT WILL NOT ALWAYS SEE MY MISTAKES UNLESS YOU TELL ME, SO FEEL FREE TO LET ME KNOW HOW I COULD MAKE THE LEAGUE BETTER, WHETHER IT BE A GLOW LEAGUE SPECIFICALLY OR ANY LEAGUE FOR THAT MATTER.

I am happy to report I have plans to run a few more leagues and tournaments in the future and already have plans for 3 or 4 things (events or league) for 2013, so please stay tuned over the winter. I will be making the announcements as I see the Tour Schedule develop and as I weigh my options for league for 2013. Like I said from the beginning, I do not want to compete for players with other leagues, I want to try and work around already exisiting leagues if at all possible. When would you like to see me run a league??

While I am still not 100% on the idea of a winter league, I will make that decision in the next week or so. My main issue is that I will be going on vacation from Mid-January through mid-February and would hate to be away for 4 weeks during only my second league ever run, but if I found the right person to attend the missing weeks and run the league (YES . . .I WILL PAY YOU FOR YOUR TIME) I would be happy to do a league this winter.

Please be sure to vocalize your desire or lack there of for a winter league on Tuesday at some point. I will be running a poll on Facebook to judge interest too so be sure to like The Disc Golf Experience on facebook and follow along. I have found making announcements to be much easier on Facebook than anywhere else. If you want I will likely establish a list of emails also, so if you want to be 100% certain to hear about all of my events, leagues, product specials, etc please send me your email address. I will be compiling that list this winter and begin using it for 2013 events and such.

Thanks again everyone,

I look forward to hosting more leagues, tourneys, temp courses, etc etc etc. 2013 looks to be a lot of fun!!!