Discin' In The Dark 2012   November 21, 2012 at 2:38pm

Miniwaukan Recap and a Preview to the finale at Valley View.

This week we saw only our second Ace in Discin' In The Dark by Dustin Skorupinski hitting #13 for $59 cash . . . Dustin is WINNING!

In the Open Division we saw Scott Slauson win again this week with a hot (-14). He also holds a 2.5 point lead (after the 4 weeks are dropped) going into the final week over Joel Kamoske (-9 for 2nd this week). . . assuming both Joel and Scott come to Valley View. This division could be determined by how many people play in Open next week. Want to play the spoiler role . . . then show up to Valley View next week Open Players.

In the Intermediate division Dustin Skorupinski rode his ace to a (-7) tying Jessie Miller. Jessie ended up taking the weekly win in a CTP after the round. As it stands right now Dustin holds a 1 point lead over me going into the final week which means if neither of us show up Dustin wins. If both Dustin and I play next week, I need to beat him to tie and have one person in between us to win. It is all going to depend on who throws hot on the new baskets at VV and how many people show up next week.

In the Recreational Division we saw a batte between Gary O. and Mike Ellery (Both -7's) again this week, which needed to be settled by a CTP playoff. Gary to the O. was able to bring home the divisional win tonight and also proudly sports his 1/2 point lead over Mike E. for the division. Greg Weber and JD Cottrill are sitting in a tie for third place (after the 4 rounds are dropped) so either one of them could end up in 3rd place for the season. While there will not be a trophy for 3rd place in this divison (because of lower attendance), I know that position would mean a lot to Greg Weber who has been steadily improving his game this Glow Season.

In the Unrated division we saw current 3rd place player Mark Olver win the week to gain another point on the person in second place. He sits only 3.5 points behind so if Bryan Staral does not show up, Mark Olver could easily slide into 2nd place overall but again, it is all dependent on how many people show up.

In the Women's Division we saw Brianna Welch make an appearance and tie with Loretta Ellery (+10). The points do not matter at this point unless we get the largest Women's field I have ever seen at a league next week, so I just let them split the points and it is always customary to split the cash also on a tie for the win.

Next week is Valley View and is the final week. I am going to talk to either Quaker Steak and Lube or BW3 and see if they are allright if I bring in all of my stuff for people to purchase with their funny money. If they are not ok with that, I will have to make it a point to be available at another time during the day so people can actually see what they are purchasing, or allow people to come to my house sometime and shop through my bins in my garage. I know it is a little unorthodox but with this being a glow league and me not having an actual store that is the best I can offer at this point. Of course as I said at the beginning the funny money vouchers do not expire so you can hold on to them until I have something in stock you really want. I plan to get accounts setup with Discraft, Innova, and MVP over the winter and I will be carrying a little bit of everyone's stuff along with custom shirts and other apparel also. If you have a request for something specific, please voice that request and if I can make it happen I will.

Thanks everyone who has attended this league. It has gone pretty smoothly for my first league and I appreciate everyones attendance. I look forward to bringing more fun leagues and tourneys over the next year and I look forward to when I can say "Hey everyone I just designed and installed a new disc golf course, you should go check it out" since that is the ultimate goal of mine as a disc golf business. Anything you can do to help me out in that cause please let me know. If you know anyone on a parks board or a school board who might consider a course on their property I would take any information I can to help me get my foot in the door somewhere. I am already actively seeking out people in the private realm who might be interested and I will keep you all informed if anything concrete comes along. Until then . . . Valley View will continue to receive my undivided attention since it is in need of work and a good presence. I have some plans for VV for 2013 and it will involve the need for some labor from time to time. If you are willing and able to try to make that course better, please pay attention for my workday announcements. We can always use extra hands and you might be surprised how fun it is to work at making a course better.

That is all for now . . . see you all at Valley View (and hopefully 40 other people) next week. Unfortunately the ace pool is not as high as I had hoped going into "The View" but we do all get to play some new basket locations for the first time.