Discin' In The Dark 2012   November 19, 2012 at 3:26am

Let's Give Thanks For Disc Golf!

In the Open Division last week we saw Scott Slauson extend his lead over Joel Kamoske, but we also saw Marshall Black play some of his best Discin In The Dark Disc golf this week to take the weekly win. If we get a decent pro turnout on the last two weeks I expect just about any of those three gentlemen could win the division.

In the Intermediate Division Dustin Skorupinski and I remained tied overall because of the dropped rounds taking effect but Bob Bawden showed us what kind of Discin In The Dark he is capable of to take down the first place int he weekly event. Matt Atherton who has not been around the disc golf scene much in the last month also stepped in to take 2nd this week. We hope to see him back again!

In the Recreational Division we saw Mike Ellery win the playoff from the previous week with a CTP win before the round but Gary Obernberger took that point right back by beating Mike during the round which puts them in a dead tie for the season. It is going to be interesting.

In the Unrated Division we saw Keegan Wenzler extend his lead over Bryan Staral . . . who Keegan is trying to pursuade to come back to the league the last two weeks for the competition. Mark Olver has virtually assured himself of a top 3 place finish with his loyal attendance. It was nice to hand him the Vibram Lace disc from the CTP contest, since he has been coming to the league loyally.

We had no women this week but I expect to see Loretta return with the league in her backyard this week.

I look forward to seeing how these divisions play out in the next two weeks. The weather looks absolutely fantastic for this week and the final week at Valley View I expect another good showing because it is Valley View, but also because I plan to unveil the 8 new basket locations on that day. Be sure to come the final two weeks or you stand to miss out on a lot of excitement.