D.O.R.C.s (Day Of Rest Crew)   November 11, 2012 at 11:57pm

D.O.R.C.s @ Horning's "FUNKY FORMAT"

Next weeks D.O.R.C.s league will be at Horning's Hideout. In D.O.R.C.s fashion a "FUNKY FORMAT" will apply!:)

(1st ROUND) Highland Course "singles stroke play"

(2nd ROUND) Meadow Ridge Course "doubles", teams selected by best score teamed with worst score from 1st round

(3rd ROUND) Canyon Course "LONE WOLF", scores will be combined from 1st & 2nd ROUND, points earned in "LONE WOLF" will be subtracted from combined scores! :)

Lowest score will earn the green star.