Tame The Jungle @ Monday Night Doubles   November 2, 2012 at 5:56pm

Halloween Goodie Bag

The bag of goodies from the donated ace pool will be distributed in various ways Saturday... 4 discs (champ Teebird, J-bird Z-Nuke, 2007 CCR Open Buzzz, 2010 "Speak No Evil" Buzzz), many stickers ("Insane for the Chains" Bell's Brewery, Innova), free Mr. Hot Dog T-short, many minis (glow, and one from NE Ind Matt "Homie" Lovasky memorial, one Discraft Christmas mini), a beer beach bum package (growler from Midland Brewing Company, 3 lb. cozy and beach ball for working off the beach bum beer belly, a lucky collectible coin, worth at least a dollar!), a Talecris bag with ball cap, skull cap, shirt and other misceaneous items, l2011 J-bird t-shirt that comes with a cap, mousepad, and a Girls of Seagram calendar.... Come on out get a piece of the stash!