Discin' In The Dark 2012   October 29, 2012 at 6:52am

Estabrook Week 8 Tee off between 6:30-7:00

First I will wrap up last week and then get to notes about this week. I was disappointed we didn't have a better turnout this past week because it was Brown Deer and because it was just an eerie night. I wish I could have seen a lot more scores just for comparison. The new pin positions definitely add some challenge to an already tough course. I thought the conditions were almost as hard as the night we played at Miniwaukan, just in a different way. It was moderately cold, foggy, we could only see the glow sticks within about 150' of the basket so it sometimes made teeing off extra difficult. The humidity was about 100% and the threat of rain was still there (so I am sure some people stayed away). Our group even got to hear a Red Fox cackle at us, which was a little freaky.

In Open we only had 2 attendees again and this week Joel Kamoske bettered Scott Slauson by 1 throw. In Intermediate, I bettered my practice round (+18) by three throws to shoot (+15) which was just 2 thros better than Drew Retherford and Ben Habanek who were only 1 ahead of Dustin Skorupinski. Tight shooting this week everyone! In Recreational we saw just two players Gary O. and Greg Weber. Gary O. will take home this win this week and inch closer to Mike Ellery in the overall standings. In the Unrated division we only had Mark Olver show up . . . who is rolling in funny money the last few weeks!

This week is Estabrook and is week 8 of the 12 week season.

Since I did not hear from everyone who has been a regular attendee and this message is only 45 hours before league begins, I will allow split tee times this week . . . If you come early and get a 3 some or 4 some you can go out beginning at 6:30 . . . I will hang around until 7:00 to make sure noone gets left behind. Please call me if you think you will not be there until 7:00 PM. 262 894 3404