Tuesdays at Wortman   October 23, 2012 at 8:09am

Course for October 23rd

Will try to sqeak in another 12 hole round in an hour. Next week will be a 9 hole course from hell.
Hole 1: Teepad 1 to basket 2. Grass OB. Nearest point of relief on path or road. CTP hole.
Hole 2: Tee off path just up from bridge to basket 4. Must land across creek on drive. Re-tee. CTP hole.
Hole 3: Tee off road near tee with path to basket 5.
Hole 4: Tee off path right of teepad 6 to basket 7.
Hole 5: Hole 8.
Hole 6: Hole 9.
Hole 7: Tee off path near teepad 11 to portable basket in woods near table.
Hole 8: Tee off back tee in path near restrooms to basket 10.
Hole 9: Tee off sidewalk in front of building by handicap signs to portable between table and fireplace.
Hole 10: Tee off path near road to portable basket across entry way. Mando right of lightpole. Re-tee if miss mando or go OB on drive.
Hole 11: Tee off corner of parking lot to basket 11. Grass OB. Last place inbounds.
Hole 12: Teepad 12 to basket 3. Must land over path and before creek on drive. Re-tee.