2012 Wednesday Weeklies - Fall Session - New Berlin, WI   October 17, 2012 at 2:12pm

Tonight tonight, there's a party on the rooftop top of the world ...

After 29 official weeks of leagues this year we have arrived on the 10th week of fall session! It's been an awesome year and I am already looking forward to next year. However, before we get there we have some serious business to talk about for the rest of this year.

The first important news flash is that we ARE discussing some type of official late fall / winter league. Some people have showed interest in such a league and if people want to come and compete, have points tracked, and win stuff when then golly gee, Lifetime Disc Sports will be there to make it happen. Look for further information from both "Gary to the Oh" as well as myself and we'll keep you posted. Talks have included a late afternoon option or more likely a Saturday option.

Tonight we will be giving away a basket to someone that purchased mulligans in the past 10 weeks so look for that at BW3s.

As for the points races - they are tighter than a pair of jeans after Thanksgiving dinner.

The PRO DIVISION will be decided entirely by tonight's play. Kyle Dolezar has been spending considerable amounts of time at Valley View lately and his game shows it. A few hot scores have put him on top of the leader board before Wednesday's play. However, I have missed 2 weeks so any points earned tonight will count toward my overall total. Same goes for Jonny V. If Jonny V beats both Kyle and Terry but at least a few people he can take the title. However, whoever beats the other person between Kyle and Terry will likely be the season champ. Sounds like some intense pressure play!

In SEMI PRO we really have a 2 horse race between Lifetime Disc Sports Ambassador, Gary O and Tanner Helm. Tanner played solid the weeks he was here and has a clear advantage at the moment but if Gary can beat Tanner by a handful of people tonight the title could be his . Very tight battle there!

Al G will be trying to fight off the charging Anthony Perez and a lingering Mike Szachewicz. Just 8 or 9 points separate them right now so with double points and a decent turnout there could be some more fireworks there. I know Al really wants it but just wanting it isn't always enough. I'm looking forward to seeing how that pans out by 8pm tonight!

Like the other divisions, the AMATEUR division is also close as AJ, Colin, and Billy will take to the course for the final night tonight. Billy had an early lead but whenever AJ showed up he seemed to play really well. Maybe even too well perhaps but we'll worry about that next year as he will be welcomed to the Advanced division where he has proven he belongs.

Our JUNIORS, Cole and Ethan have had some awesome ties and epic playoffs but unless a handful of juniors magically appear tonight, it seems like Cole might have this title wrapped up. Nothing like a little brotherly love between the two of them and the disc golf course!

Bree also looks to have the WOMENS division handled barring no magical appearance by a dozen women on our final night. Her and Lorienna have had some great battles and I'm hoping to see personal best scores out of both of them tonight!

That's it for now folks! Look for scores to be posted shortly after we wrap up play tonight. We'll then be handing out trophies as well as the Innova Portable Basket!