Discin' In The Dark 2012   October 14, 2012 at 6:27am

Miniwaukan Blues

We had a small turnout despite the wonderful conditions last Tuesday. It was about 45-50 degree, the wind was blowing about 20-30 MPH and the rain took like 3 hours to get from Madison to Mukwonago . . . and it began to rain just as we had our player meeting. We had 11 brave souls show up . . . and everyone ended up playing . . . perhaps the peer pressure of seeing everyone else who came still play. I know for me, I will play in just about anything . . . because I just love throwing the discs around.

Anyways . . . We had no Open players this week and we remain with zero attendance in the Advanced division.

In Intermediate we had two players . . . who also happen to be the top 2 players in the divisional standings . . . unfortunately with only 2 points available, even though I won by shooting a (-2) I will only get 2 points . . . and that will likely be one of my dropped rounds anyways. So much for making up ground on Dustin Skorupinski who shot a (+2) and remains int he lead by 5.5 points.

In Recreational we had JD Cottrill shoot a good round of (-1) bettering Mike Ellery and Larry Wright (both locals who both shot (+2).

In the Unrated division we had Mark Olver taking down his first funney money by shooting a respectable (+6) better Colin Huff with a (+9).

We only had one woman again this week and Loretta adds another point to her total by shooting a (+14).

The ace pool carries over AGAIN and at the ace friendly course of Valley View. I don't know about you . . . divisional points be damned . . . I am running at the aces! $72 plus whoever gets into the ace pool at Valley View.

Please plan to head over to Quaker Steak and Lube (why you ask . . . because I hate BW3) for a beer and an appetizer as we celebrate the halfway point of the first league I have ever run! Thanks for all who have attended and all those who will continue to make this league enjoyable for the final 6 colder weeks!