Discin' In The Dark 2012   September 26, 2012 at 8:56am

Dretzka Alternate 9 with 9 holes of alternate tees

I figured I would change things up since this would be the only 9 holes course we play for Discin In The Dark. I found some spots that I thought made really good holes. Every hole was shortened at least 10' and some up to about 50' shorter. I promise you I did not set the course up necessarily to my throwing strengths. What I did was pick a spot, put the flags in the ground, and then throw a practice shot or two to test out the lines . . . I didn't once adjust the tee area after throwing that shot because I was satisfied with the lines created. I felt I made things pretty fair for righties and lefties, flickers and backhanders. I picked the most fun and most fair shots I could while changing the hole up as dramatically as I could. WHAT DID YOU ALL THINK?

What do you think after you hear I shot Even on the first round but -5 on the second round?

Did you enjoy the alternate tees? Did they cost you strokes or did you make a bunch of birdies? Since I do not know how you all scored the order on the scorecard I cannot tell exactly how it went down, but I hope you all enjoyed the new looks at those holes.

Anyways . . . here are the results

In Open we saw our best attendance yet with 4 people. Scott Slauson got hot again and shot (-7) to take the win and Marshall Black showed up for his first week to shoot (-4) and take the second cash spot. Pete Parsons . . . I forgot to pay you out for your second place finish in week 2 so I will catch you the next time you show up (SORRY). Thanks to Joel Kamoske and Marshall Black for joining Pete and Scott in the Open Division even though you would qualify for Advanced. . . they definitely would prefer to have more competition.

In Intermediate we saw the point leader Dustin Skoupinski shoot a hot round of (-7) also and he extends his lead over me who shot (-5). Ben Habenek and Bob Bawden tied at (-1) to split last cash. Thanks to Kyle Sparrow for coming for his first week . . . we wish you had heard about the league sooner and hope you will continue to try and attend this league every week. Fortunately, you can drop your 4 worst point totals in this 12 week league season, so you can still compete for the seasonal win!

In Recreational, we had the wiley Veteran Mike Ellery throw a really solid round (-2). He actually shot a bogey free first round with 9 pars . . .and followed that up with 3 birdies in round 2 but his only blemish the whole night was a circle 4 on #2 when he flicked his Firebird across the road. I didn't verify this, but I wonder if it is possible that he grabbed the wrong disc (like when I grabbed a Whippet instead of a Leopard at Brown Deer). He is a pretty solid sidearm thrower but he turned that Firebird over and it never thought of coming back. Either way he had a great night that is for sure. Taking second was the guy who questioned if he was bagging it in Recreational Gary Obernberger with a (+1). Scott Smogoleski (+2) and Greg Weber (+3) were not far behind and will look to pressure Mike and Gary next week I am sure!

In the Unrated division we are starting to see where these guys would be best suited in terms of a rated division. After 6 weeks we will have a really good idea. I challenge them to move up to a higher division and try to compete with others of similar caliber if they desire . . . however it is not mandatory until after the season is over. We had Keegan Wenzler tie the hot round on the night (-7). He tied a 925 rated Intermediate player (Dustin S.) and a 970 rated Open player (Scott Slauson). Apparently he was putting really well tonight, and I will not punish a hot round by forcing someone to move up, but it is always an option for them to move into Intermediate, Advanced, or Open. Bryan Staral showed up with a pretty solid round (-2) for second place and necomer Trevor Caliebe shot a (-1) for third place. Pat Brah and Chris Westling tied at (E) to split the last cash spot.

In the Womens division we had the lone competitor Loretta Ellery show up again and just keep racking up points. I know of two women who wanted to come this week. Hopefully in the next week or two we will be able to recruit a couple other women disc golfers!

Thanks again everyone . . . but again no Ace was hit . . . the Ace Pool just keeps growing. $47 for week 4 on the original 18 at Dretzka that is setup fairly short right now!

Come get yourself a piece of Dretzka!