Discin' In The Dark 2012   September 15, 2012 at 5:02am

Brown Deer in the Dark!

Brown Deer is a beast during the day . . . but it is a whole other species at night. I literally hit stuff 3' in front of my a couple of times because I could not see it. Live and learn I guess. A flashlight would have been helpful in that instance. I tried using my light up pen on occassion but it didn't always allow me to see everything.

In Open, Scott Slauson won the first ever Open Discin' In The Dark league round with a 58 (+4). . . something that will forever be a feather in his cap . . . even if he was the only person playing in that division.

In Intermediate we had 5 people play. Ben Habanek and Dustin Skorupinski tied with 60's (+6) and will need to settle that 1/2 point with a playoff somehow. I came in third with a 62 (+8) which funnily enough I shot the same score at Brown Deer on the prior saturday . . . DURING THE DAY . . . so I was pretty happy with my 62 in the dark. We also had a Panda sighting with Chris Dickerson and one of Estabrook's finest Bob Bawden. They both shot 65
(+11) and I expect to see Bob contend next week at Estabrook.

In Recreational we saw Mike Ellery shooting 74, just edge out Greg Weber with a 75, by just 1 stroke. I imagine that both players had multiple strokes they regret so this one could have gone either way. I look for Mike Ellery to have a strong showing at Estabrook since he is a lefty and he plays there fairly frequently.

In the Unrated division we had Bryan Starl and Keegan Wenzler show up to contend for the non PDGA member. Bryan got this win this week with a score of 64 (+10) that would have been right in the middle of the Intermediate division, while Bryan managed a score right in between Intermediate and Recreational. I hope to see you guys and more unrated players come to this league. Once we complete one round through the 6 courses we can pick a division that is suited towards your scores if you want, otherwise you can remain in the unrated division to contend for the seasonal win.

I am sure we will have many more people coming to league in the future. Dretzka league finishes on 9/25 so once that wraps up I imagine a lot of the Tuesday Night league regulars will begin to switch over to this glow league. I also magine since this league goes all the way into the end of November, many people looking for some competetive action will come too because most of the other leagues end in the coming weeks.

Thanks to everyone who came out, I cannot tell you enough how excited I am to be running some leagues and tournaments. I love the game and think I have some fun and unique ideas that I want to bring to the Milwaukee community. Bring your friends and lets make this a really fun league.

I forgot to mention here . . . that the Milwaukee COunty Sports Complex has been removed from the schedule and replaced with Dretzka Park. Two of the weeks at Dretzka will be the alternate 9 holes two times through and the other two weeks will be the original 18.