2012 Wednesday Weeklies - Fall Session - New Berlin, WI   September 27, 2012 at 12:36am

We're going into extra innings!


I will be setting lights out on the baskets during the round this week so that we can then immediately play a GLOW round of disc golf immediately following the regular league night. It will be $5 per person and it will be best shot doubles. That means you and your partner throw and you get to choose which disc to play from.

Teams will either be completely random OR they will be divided up based on divisions. For instance, I could see one pool of players being made up from the Pros and Semi-Pros and then they would get a player from the Advanced or Amateur pool. We'll see how the numbers work out. It will be either a cash payout or 125% in funny money. You'll have the option to choose and we'll probably pay the top 3 scores.

In regular news - the points races are all very tight and competitive!

Bree didn't loose much ground last week with her absence but Loriena did pick up the point in the women's division. Cole and Ethan had a brotherly rivalry but Cole ended up taking it about 7 or 8 playoff holes in! I guess he really wanted that extra point.

The Amateur field has grown and remains very close week after week. AJ came out on top with his +1. I must admit, I love seeing an EVEN or plus number win that division because that is the exact caliber the division is intended for. Nice job AJ.

League veteran, Al G didn't have a great week but remains on top of the leader board. I personally shot with Alex H as he bested the division but a single stroke. A big fat tie at -4's all were just a stroke short of the weekly win. Nice shooting there as well.

Tanner Helm is making a run for this division as he wins with a 3 stroke margin of victory this week. If he continues to show up every week he will have a great chance to win the division as well as secure himself in the open division come next league!

In open we had some less than stellar scores across the board but taking advantage of the poor shooting were two of the top players, Brad Weber and Jonny V. Casey C made a return to the league and we hope to see him out here more often!

The ace pool was NOT hit so we'll all be throwing for that tonight as well!