July 28, 2012 at 3:10pm

July 22 Singles

13 players for our biggest singles field yet. $65 in total payout. Fresh back from Worlds, Kevin decided to take out some frustration on the course and lit it up for a scratch 47! Jeff Sanders won a 4-way playoff to take home 3rd. CTPs went to Kevin on 4, Jason H on 6 and 12 and Miles on 15. Ace fund goes to $90.
1) Kevin McCoy 51 (47)
2) Jason Hartley 54 (53)
3) Jeff Sanders 55 (55)

Singles continues tomorrow.

In other news, we raised $100 today for Boy Scout Alan Bowers and his renovation of the Village Green course in Peachtree City. Thanks to everyone that came out to support his project.

August 5th will be our 1+ year Jamboree at McCurry. We will be celebrating 1 year of regular action at the course. We will have lots of prizes and giveaways. The format will be decided in the next few days. If you're on the fence about coming out to McCurry for the action, then let this be the week you make the trip.