2012 Wednesday Weeklies - Summer Session - New Berlin, WI   July 26, 2012 at 8:01pm

Not Much To Say This Week

Another carry over ace pool brings us up to $60. I should set the course up in the all short baskets . . .. nah let's keep that ace pool rolling. I so desperately want another league ace to take down some cash. It is getting harder to scrape for a couple of bucks in Open so I figured I'll win the acepool and bring home more money than winning 3-4 weeks of league.

Brad Weber remains in the lead by 3.5 points.

Lee Ireland remains extended his lead to 12.5 points over Kyle Sparrow. And he embraces his opportunitty move up to Open at the end of this summer season.

Kyle and JD were tied in first for th last couple of weeks. Kyle mentioned this when I played on the same card and JD played in the group behind us so they kept bantering between each other and the pressure really on. Kyle edged out JD by 1 and JD tied another person to Kyle extends his leade to 1.5 poins.

Al Gilgenbach remains in the lead by 5.5 points. It's going to be a tight race!

Nkki did not come again, and Loriena played well but was edged out by a stroke by Brianna.