2012 Wednesday Weeklies - Summer Session - New Berlin, WI   July 17, 2012 at 8:09am

Valley View must go on

Despite our fearless leader Terry Miller and a few others out of town for the World Championships in Charlotte, NC, Valley View must go on. If you are in the Open division and not at the Worlds, here is your chance to possibly pick up a few points on one or more of the leaders.

If the weather allows we will be doing some sort of side game. Perhaps a CTP of some sort is in order. We didn't do any sidegame last week so the payouts returned to normal for that week, but this week we will take some money from each divisions funds and put it towards a CTP so that everyone in the division has a chance to win. So be sure to stick around . . . unless we are dealing with extreme weather, we will do something after the round.

See you all there, please arrive as early as possible and check in. I will be in the normal spot in my BBLD truck.

I could use the help of a volunteer who might want to move #2 to the original position now that I straightened that sleeve.