2012 Wednesday Weeklies - Summer Session - New Berlin, WI   June 28, 2012 at 9:41pm

It's Getting Hot in Here, So Take . . . .

The action was hot tonight . . . and I do not mean because of the temperatures, not even about the disc golf, we had a heated debate about PDGA ratings at BW3. If you missed out, you really missed out.

Anyways, back to the action, it was double points night and we had our lightest turnout all season. Those people may have been at opening day of summerfest, but it appears that they "Did not want it". If you want to win, you have got to want it! Words of wisdom.

In the Open division we saw Terry take a big chunk out of the lead Brad had built this season. Jonny and Terry were in an obnoxious mood this evening and I think it rattled Brad a little bit. Kyle just went along with it, and it didn't affect me until I launched my drive on 15 about 100' to the left of the basket. I was not concentrating and laughing and just threw a poor shot. Take this as an example . . . stay focussed, if there is talking or goofing around while you are on the tee, tell the people you are trying to throw so they are quiet. It is my own fault I didn't wait until I quit laughing, and it is also their responsibility to be courteous to you too. I do not hold it against anyone because league is supposed to be fun, but I should have waited until it settled down. Anyways, Terry shot (-14) Eddie Whitefeather shot a nice (-12) to jump ahead of quite a few people in the division, and Kyle Dolezar allegedly shot (-10) I am kidding here, his score is correct, but there had been a scoring error initially. Then we had a 4 way tie for last cash so we I will be splitting $4 with Gordon Frater (his first cash in Open), Brad W., and Todd Farnham. We are all winning!

In the Semi Pro division we saw Lee Ireland take down Mike Ellery in a playoff to get the win for this week with (-8). Then we had another tie for third place between Kyle Sparrow and Brian Griebl with (-7). This has been the most competetive division all year with scores very close to each other every week.

In Advanced we saw the leader Kevin Buckley have a rough week allowing newcomer and weekly winner Anthony Perez (-5) jump right into 3rd place (that is just how important double points night can be). JD Cottrill (-3) ended up in second for the night and first overall, and Kyle Eisner and Disc Dog both shot (-1) for the final cash spot. Kyle is sitting in 2nd right now but nipping at his heals are a couple of people.

In the Am division we saw Al Gilgenbach have an excellent week (-4) to win the division and edge out Tom Gabert by 2 shots. Kory B. was in the lead but he has improved dramatically and I have moved him up to Advanced opening the door for Al G., Greg Weber, Mike Szachewicz and Joe Koch a chance to compete for the division.

In the Junior division Ethan W. shot just 1 stroke higher than last week to win the week and his cousin (I think) showed up on double points night too to give Ethan a commaning lead in the division with 6 points.

Last but not least . . . The Women.

Brianna was the leader coming into this week but she took off tonight to spend time at the fireworks with family. Little did she know the fireworks we were going to see on and off the course tonight. Nikki stepped in and won the week (-1) and Loriena (+7) took a good jump up because of double points night and her second place finish. It is going to be tight at the end of the year!

To further the ridiculousness, we had no ace again this week. I swear I remember many weeks without aces in the previous 3 years of me playing leagues at VV, but this year it has generally been at least 1 ace every week. This summer session has been different, we just missed two weeks in a row and also had one other missed week earlier in the season. We are already at $77 before we factor in next weeks fees, and I expect record turnout because it has been a long time since the VV ace pool was this high.

As you will notice we went with the majority and lowered the payouts just slightly to accomodate more entire group fun like CTP's. Since we paid out $9 to all of the divisions (except the Juniors which never really get a payout because of their low entry fees) we basically reduced the payouts accordingly. Rest assured the same amount of money is being paid out in total (give or take $1 here or there).