2012 Wednesday Weeklies - Summer Session - New Berlin, WI   June 22, 2012 at 9:33pm

Congratulations Kyle Dolezar You Are Winning

You won the Open division with a (-14). You were the best disc golfer at Valley View on the night of 6/16/2012. 2 strokes behind Kyle, were Jonny V and Terry, and a 3 way tie for last cash again will net Dave Olson, Mike Harrington, and Brad Weber (who lost ground to Terry overall this week) $2.33 for their efforts. Why is it that more often than not, when I cash in Open, I always end up splitting money with people. I guess I need to elevate my game!

In Semi-Pro we saw a hot shooting Jason Froemming (Keep shooting this hot and you will end up needing to move up sometime soon)(-11) win this week while there was a 4 way tie with (-7) (A more appropriate score for Semi-Pro) between Dusting Falkenberg, Scott Smogoleski, Gary Obernberger, and David Scalf. It is going to be a fun divison to see who can get hot on double points nights to make up some ground! Kyle and Jason are tied at the top right now, but anything could happen next week.

In Advanced we saw newcomer JD Cottrill show up at league for the first time and take the win, shooting (-5), but he will have to contend with Kory Banaszynski who will be moving up to Advanced because his first week of league obviously was not indicative of his normal level of play. Kevin Buckley played a stead round (-3) to take second and last cash.

In Amateur we saw Kory B. dominate with a (-7) forcing my hand to move him up to Advanced. He even indicated he didn't want to be moved down into Amateur but his first week score was what placed him there. Al Gilgenbach and Joe Koch both had good rounds this week also of (-3) and (-2) to take 2nd and 3rd place and some funny money.

In the Junior division we saw Ethan Weber better his previous round by 5, hopefully we can find some competition for him out there somewhere.

In the Women's division, our leader (Nikki Feilen) didn't cme to league (allowing Brianna to pass her overall and allow Loriena to be only 2 points behind) but she did make it to BW3 afterwards. She plans to be here on double points night so look out ladies, she claims that she will be shooting (-8). I think that she laid down the smack there! Try and take her down this week. Brianna and Loriena will each be taking $8 home with them with rounds of (+4) and (+5).

See you at Double Points Night . . . if you aren't scared that is!