June 8, 2012 at 3:03am

PDGA Sanctioned Singles starts this Sunday, June 10th!

What: handicapped singles action
Where: McCurry Park
When: Sundays @ 10am, signup: 9:30-9:50
Cost: $5 to play ($4 to payout, $1 for PDGA and league fees), 4 optional $1 CTPs and optional $1 Ace fund ... ALL IN = $10

Other Info: Handicapped scores are used for payout purposes only. Scratch scores will be submitted to the PDGA for round ratings. Handicaps are based off of current PDGA ratings and a McCurry par round of 57 which is rated ~ 930 (930 rated players will have a handicap of 0, handicap increases/decreases by 1 stroke every 10 rating points, ratings are rounded to nearest ten, i.e. 917 = 920). Players without a current PDGA rating who have been coming to singles action the past month, have been assigned a handicap using their scores. All other new to McCurry Singles players without a PDGA rating, will play their first week with a 0 handicap or be assigned a handicap at the TD's discretion. The first week of play, there will be no cap on handicaps. In future weeks the TD may place a cap at their discretion.

Pass the word and hopefully looking forward to a big crowd this Sunday!