2012 Wednesday Weeklies - Summer Session - New Berlin, WI   June 7, 2012 at 11:03am

Week 2 Results . . . and a whole lot more.

In the Open Division
We saw Brad Weber take down the win in overtime again this week, last week he edged Terry out in a playoff but this week he beat Jonny V with a solid score of (-14). Terry shot (-13), I shot (-12), and Dustin S. shot (-11) for last cash, while Drew Griswold stayed home.

In The Semi-Pro Division
We saw some more open caliber scores from Kyle Sparrow (-12), and recent transplant to the division Jim Marek (-12), who will need to playoff their first place finish next week for the extra 1/2 point. Lee Ireland and Scott Smogoleski both shot (-11) and I know this is a personal best for Scott S. beating his previous best by 2 strokes. I would like to think I inspired him to be a better player since I got to witness his nice round. Zach Walczak also rebounded from some really up and down shooting last season to shoot (-10) and take last cash.

In the Advanced Division
We saw Jim Marek move up after he shot (-10) last week and (-12) this week. The door was left open and Kevin Buckley knocked it down with a open level score (-10). Disc Dog struggled a bit this week and ended at (-1), while Matt Walczak ended up shooting (-3) for the second cash spot.

In the Amateur (Sorry I spelled it wrong on the league setup, and I cannot change it otherwise I will lose all the standings) Division we saw 2 newcomers, lets welcome William Hosking, and Tony Sucharski to our little Valley View Family! Hot shooting by two guys who shot over par last week, Ryan Hakala and Kory Banaszynski both shot (-6). I would alos like tot hink I had a role in Kory's success because I was there to witness it also. You both need to show up next week to play off for this week, I recommend a playoff hole, but you could also play the entire round and low score from this week gets the win, but that is up to you.

Jacob was the only Junior, but I heard a rumor he is considering moving up to Amateur . . . We will see what he decides next week.

In the Women's Division
We saw Brianna shoot her best league round ever (-3), but she claims to have shot that in a casual round before. Either way nice shooting. Loriena Harrington (my wife) was so proud when she finished her round, because for the first time she has broken par shooting a (-1) and taking the second cash.

No aces were hit . . . WHAT . . . this is monumental, because that means the $37 rolls over and is on the line next week. We haven't had an ace pot roll over since Week 1 of leagues this spring. I know what I am going for next week! An Ace in Someone's Face!